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cold water tank

cold water tank for the front of my narrow boat ,what outlets do i need and what is the best tank to buy

Asked by: geoff Hardy  | 8.17pm, Wednesday 27 February

WW says:

The best tank will be made from stainless steel to fit the space available. For best operation there should be three connections; a nice large filler pipe, a vent connection on the top surface, and an outlet at the bottom of the rear. The last two should be 1" or 1.25" BSP, with the filler being larger. If you intend to have twin water pumps, either to give redundancy by having a spare that can be switched in the event of failure, or to have separate hot and cold supplies; it would be best to have two outlet connections.
The tank should have internal ribs; these give strength and stop the tank flexing which can lead to worrying noises, and they also stop the water sloshing around too much. The vent should be mounted in a position where overflowing water will go overboard, and have a wire mesh similar to fuel vents to stop dirt and insects.
Other options for the tank are welded polypropylene sheet, or a flexible liner if you have a lined space with no sharp edges. These are especially good for awkward shapes, and collapse as the water is sucked out, possibly keeping the water fresher.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.42AM, Thursday 28 February

We cannot really recommend individual suppliers, but there a plenty of plastic welders who could make a tank, and any decent metal fabricator should be able to weld a stainless tank to your specification.

Rupert Smedley  | 1.09PM, Friday 1 March

Polyproplyene tanks are made in fixed sizes by the likes of Vetus and Plastimo, along with other companies: although as Rupert says, we cannot recommend individuals, many boatbuilders use Goodwin plastics for all many of polymeric items- such as water tanks, shower trays and tanks. They also advertise in WW http://goodwinplastics.co.uk/ and are used to making specific boat sized tanks.

Mark Langley  | 2.44PM, Friday 1 March

Readers say:

thanks for help could you recommend a good reasonable supplier for either the stainless steel or the polypropylene tanks.

geoff Hardy  | 8.41PM, Thursday 28 February

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