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Calder and Hebble Dimensions

We are thinking of cruising this waterway in 2013 and we have been using your October 2012 article as a guide. It gives the maximum length 57ft 6in or 60ft for a narrowboat. The Waterscape guide gives 54.13ft or 16.5m. Our boat is 57ft 6in, who is right?

Asked by: Nigel Scott  | 9.59am, Monday 4 March

WW says:

Well, the Waterscape dimensions are sometimes a little pessimistic. You can certainly take a 57ft6" boat along the C&H. In fact it is the Huddersfield Broad Canal that is tighter- even then, I can bring my 60ft boat through the Hudds Broad (though I have to lift bow and stern fenders!) and the C&H is not a problem- just don't whip all the paddles up quickly and keep an eye on any unusual protrusions and the bottom gate walkway boards.
I should add, I moor currently on the Huddersfield Broad- so with 57ft6" you will be fine.

Mark Langley  | 3.02PM, Monday 4 March

Readers say:

Thanks, Nothing like a bit of local knowledge

Nigel Scott  | 3.08PM, Monday 4 March

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