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Can I get a long booking in London

I have a wish to hire a boat for say six months in 2010 and cruise as far north-west and north-east as is possible from London. Where might I find someone prepared to hire a 4 berth narrowboat to enable me to do this? Any suggestions gratefully received. David Stiff.

Asked by: David Stiff  | 3.30pm, Monday 6 October

WW says:

Though most hire-fleets are more used to renting boats out by the week, some will countenance a long-term hire of the type you're considering. However, there aren't many narrowboat hire companies around London, so you might need to look a bit further afield.

We'd suggest you start by trying the biggest fleets, who are more likely to offer a long-term hire: ABC Leisure Group (http://www.ukboathire.com/ ), Black Prince (http://www.black-prince.com/ ), and Anglo-Welsh (http://www.anglowelsh.co.uk/ ).

You might also consider buying a second-hand boat, then reselling it at the end of the six months - if funded by a bank loan then this might work out just as economical.

Richard Fairhurst  | 11.44AM, Thursday 9 October

Andrew Denny of grannybuttons.com has also pointed out a new company set up to provide exactly that: http://www.etrr.co.uk/

Richard Fairhurst  | 9.59AM, Friday 17 October

Readers say:

Richard - Many Thanks - I'll persue both ideas.

David Stiff  | 3.51PM, Monday 13 October

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