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Engine oil changes

I had a full engine service at the end of August 2012. I then did two weekend trips, total engine hours approx 15 hours, since then the boat has been sitting in the marine.
My question is do I need to change the oil and filter again after it has been sitting doing nothing all winter or can I leave it untill August 2013.
I will of course drain any water from the fuel filters.

Asked by: boatfitout  | 5.51pm, Wednesday 13 March

WW says:

Most engine manuals recommend changing the oil after so many hours running, OR once a year. If it is a reasonably new engine and still under warranty, the oil should certainly be replaced. If however this is not a consideration, I would examine the oil. Either by looking at the dipstick, or if the engine has an oil change suction pump, draw a little off into a transparent container; if it is clean and clear like new oil, it is probably fine. If it is black, this means that it has collected carbon and dirt from the engine and should be replaced, together with the filter.
If the engine has been left for a long period, condensation will collect inside. To get rid of any moisture, run the engine for at least an hour. This will get it up to running temperature for long enough for any water to be evaporated. Check the oil on the dipstick again after running the engine; if it looks opaque, there is enough water in the sump to make an emulsion and the oil and filter should be changed.
The fuel filters will not have collected any water if the engine has not run, but there might be some in the tank. The easiest way to get any water out is to weight the boat so that it is down on the side of the filler. Then using a suction pump and thin clear plastic tube, suck out fuel (and any water) from the bottom of the tank. After settling the fuel can be returned.

Rupert Smedley  | 8.52PM, Wednesday 13 March

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