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kindle fire hd

Can I view waterways world online with a kindle fire hd

Asked by: Bob Murray  | 2.06pm, Thursday 14 March

WW says:

The 'read online' option of WW required Flash, which neither the Kindle Fire HD nor the Apple iPad supports.
You can download individual articles or sections (e.g. News) as PDFs - in the 'Read Online' section:
1: Choose the feature from the Contents drop-down menu on the top left.
2: In the top-right, click on the 'PDF'.#
3: Click on 'Continue to Download' and follow instructions.
This will download the section to your computer for offline reading. (You will need to have a PDF reader installed, such as Adobe Reader).
Some online forums offer suggestions on tweaking the Kindle HD to run Flash, but this is not officially supported, and we can't guarantee it, sorry.
We are looking at ways of making WW viewable on non-Flash devices, but cannot say when this will be.

Andrew Denny  | 3.19PM, Thursday 14 March

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