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Any one used one of the Powerstop Propellers it might be an improvement in reveres but do you suffer in forward propulsion

Asked by: Don Hall  | 3.34pm, Saturday 16 March

WW says:

Propellers have curved blades to accelerate the water as the propeller rotates to produce thrust. The back surface follows the same curvature, which means that the back surface of the blade is curved the wrong way to give good thrust in reverse.
Careful design of the powerstop blades have apparently given enough reverse curvature on the back of the blades to improve performance in reverse, without reducing the forward thrust below that of a standard propeller.
It would be difficult to get similar performance for both directions, without making the blades very thick which would impair the ability of the propeller to cut through the water and reduce its efficiency.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.26AM, Sunday 17 March

WW tested the Axiom props several years ago. Data supplied by an independent test facility shows that they produce identical trust ahead and astern- but that is achieved by not using a conventional style design. The test report is available in the WW website to download, or on the Axiom site, if you are interested.
axioms have developed a good record on Narrowboats- but WW has not had the opportunity to thoroughly test them as yet though we hope we will.

Mark Langley  | 8.56PM, Sunday 17 March

Readers say:

I am just about to fit an Axiom prop to my narrowboat. Will be fitted at Braunston. 50 footer, Lister HR2M. Fit date is 16 Novemeber. If you would like to do some test contact me.

Graham Mills  | 8.56AM, Thursday 22 October

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