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Inverter and coffee machine

I've just bought a 1460w coffee machine that uses pods. I've got a 3000w modified sine inverter. The coffee machine won't work. What's wrong? My guess is that it needs a pure sine but I can't see why really as it's just a water heaater with a pump isn't it?
When I use it on hookup it's ready to go in a few seconds. From the inverter the warming up light just goes on and stays on. Oh, Ive got 5 brand new 110amp batteries too.
Help, I need my espresso!!

Asked by: Carl Young  | 1.26pm, Sunday 17 March

WW says:

I don't know a lot about coffee machines but I suspect that the problem is with the controls. If these are relatively simple, a modified sine wave inverter should be OK. However, if it has thyristor controls, it would need a pure sine wave supply. This certainly applies to bread makers, washing machines and microwaves and now it looks as if we should add coffee makers to the list.

Graham Booth  | 2.05PM, Sunday 17 March

I agree with Graham, it is probably needs a pure sine wave.
There are some very good Italian espresso coffee makers that you put water in the bottom, coffee in a strainer; screw the top onto the bottom, and put it on the gas stove.
Works a treat and will be considerably cheaper than a pure sine wave invertor.

Rupert Smedley  | 3.12PM, Sunday 17 March

We also looked at some very plush 12 (and 24V) Italian expresso makers a few issues ago- made by Techimpex and supplied in the UK by Penguin Engineering. They do need suitable chunky DC wiring though. They use bottled water and have a fast high pressure turnaround.

Mark Langley  | 8.58PM, Sunday 17 March

Readers say:

Fracino in Birmingham make some nice dual fuel espresso machines, so you can run it off propane or mains 240 volts. I have a large 'two group' machine in the back of my coffee van - if I try it on 240 through the Mastervolt inverter it trips it out, so I just use it on propane for steam and hot water and 240 for running the electronic controls. When you think of it, mobile coffee vans are wired in a similar way to boats, with a couple of big 12 volt service batteries and an inverter, plus 12 volt pump from the water tank. Fracino do make smaller versions for serious domestic users, so have a chat with them or try their website. Customer service is second to none too. Good luck! Cliff at Volkscafe.

Cliff Eden  | 10.32PM, Wednesday 27 March

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