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Cost of Cruising

I am about to launch myself into a long held dream river cruising. I think I can find most of the information on the DVD's and magazines I have bought. But can anyone enlighten me as the cost (at red diesel rate) of a days' cruising!

Asked by: Bill Brown  | 11.31am, Wednesday 8 October

WW says:

This really depends on what size of engine you have, how hard you use it and the length of time you cruise in a day.

A narrowboat cruising gently downstream might use 1 to 2 litres per hour but a larger cruiser powering upstream could use 4 litres an hour.

Graham Booth  | 5.20PM, Wednesday 8 October

Readers say:

Thank you for that. The answer is surprising, however, because the engines do not seem very efficient at an average of 3 litres/hour. (Naive thoughts?)

An hours' cruising appears to equate to 3 litres per 5 miles (4 knots?). With little friction once the boat is moving, but at times with flow in the oppposite direction, it doesn't compare very favourably with a car.

If the advantage of red diesel is removed it will be a big blow for those that like to move a lot on their boats!

Bill Brown  | 11.38AM, Thursday 9 October

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