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Radio crackle

why does my radio crackle when using the inverter and also when i switch on the L E D lights

Asked by: Eddie Kingswell  | 8.53am, Thursday 28 March

WW says:

The invertor chops up the battery supply very fast to generate the AC mains output, this is called switch mode, and it generates lots of harmonics which can interfere with radio equipment if not properly suppressed. Many LED lights also use the same technology to produce the low voltage to drive the LEDs.
If your radio does not have an external aerial, it will be working quite hard to get a usable signal since the metal cabin will block the radio waves. This will make it more susceptible to picking up interference from other sources.
The solution is to fit an external aerial if you do not have one; but if you do have one, make sure it and the radio have a good earth connection.

Rupert Smedley  | 2.26PM, Thursday 28 March

Readers say:

We have the same problem with radio on our hi-fi system. A simple solution is to connect a smart or not-so-smart phone to the Aux input of the system. If you get a reasonably long connecting lead, it will provide a good aerial especially if near a window. Maybe not that elegant but better than a crackly concert! Also having your music on your phone saves shelving those pesky CDs.

Clive Dutson  | 4.15PM, Thursday 9 May

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