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Which is the best e-map for canal cruising

I have noticed that a lot of the e-maps for canals have very bad reviews. Can anyone recommend a e-map app. that they use regularly which provides all the information you need when cruising including information about nearby villages. e.g. markets,shops,pubs,and local history.

Asked by: grayham pope  | 11.28am, Thursday 28 March

Readers say:

I use e-CanalMapp for the English Midlands and find it reasonably useful. It tracks your location in real-time and provides searchable local info, facilities and attractions. It is cheap at around £6 on Android but is quite space hungry on your device as it loads everything for offline use. I use it on a 7" tablet and find the maps quite usable. There is no route planning though.

Neil Woolley  | 12.11PM, Friday 12 April

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