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calor gas

Why can`t you use a calor gas fire on a boat provided it`s fixed in place and you have gas and c monoxide alarms?

Asked by: Rosemary Hale  | 4.25pm, Thursday 4 April

WW says:

I assume that the type of gas fire you are asking about is the free standing type with the gas bottle inside and radiant heat burners in front.
The problem with this type of fire is that the gas bottle full of high pressure gas is within the boat. If there is a gas leak the boat will fill up with gas, since Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is heavier than air and will sink into the bilge. There is also the risk of explosion if the cylinder got too hot. The installation guides for fitting appliances into caravans include cutting a hole in the floor beneath the appliance; this obviously will not work on a boat! It is for this reason that the Boat Safety Scheme has strict rules for all gas cylinders to be in a locker with vents that ensure any leaked gas will flow over the side and not into the boat. The low pressure gas is then piped to the appliances.
Continually burning appliances without flues are not allowed on boats. This is because the small space within a boat could quickly fill up with the toxic gas Carbon Monoxide which is produced if LPG is not burnt with the correct amount of air. If the combustion gases are piped outside it also takes the moisture produced by the combustion, with the toxic gases. 1.6 litres of water is produced, when 1kg of gas is burnt. This would lead to lots of condensation.

Rupert Smedley  | 5.25PM, Friday 5 April

Readers say:

Thanks for your advice

Rosemary Hale  | 8.23PM, Sunday 7 April

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