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Date avaiable in shops

Hi. When is WW magazine available in shops. I already have the April issue and the 2013 annual. I intend to buy a subscription soon

Asked by: Mark Atkinson  | 12.26pm, Wednesday 10 April

WW says:

The May issue of WW should be on sale in newsagents on 11 April. You may find it in some boatyards and chandlers from 5 April. (Don't be fooled by the cover which, unfortunately, has April 2013 instead of May. Look for the grey and black boat.)
Buying a subscription is a good idea as you are assured of a magazine delivered to your door every month. You can also benefit from a cheaper cover price and several special offers. Ring 01283 742970 for more details.

Graham Booth  | 11.32AM, Thursday 11 April

WW copies in the shops should now have May 2013 stickers.

Andrew Denny  | 5.06PM, Friday 12 April

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