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Protect our British waterways

I have been challenged to design a new method of raising funds for the Canal and River Trust, and thought i'd open my brief to the boating community.
As a charity and charged with the constant upkeep of our inland navigable waterways - they are constantly battling with dwindling funds.
Has anyone had any bright ideas about raising funds?
Any areas or groups of people that would be best to target?
Existing methods include the shaking of plastic buckets, manned by volunteers. Surely this isn't the most effective way of going about it..?!
I look forward to hearing some of your opinions

Asked by: adam grout  | 4.26pm, Thursday 18 April

WW says:

I am not sure that this is the right forum for this question, as it is mostly for boat owners and prospective boat owners technical queries.
Boat owners are the largest user group that already pay directly for their use of the waterways.
Good luck with your challenge, we are all keen to see the waterways survive and prosper.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.20AM, Wednesday 24 April

Readers say:

I would like to ask some questions myself before trying to answer yours. 1 Why the word challenged.odd word to use. 2 Who actually challenged you and why you. 3 Should the trust look within. (to save money before trying to raise more) 4 What percentage off all monies coming in to the trust goes to the upkeep and improvements of the canals/rivers. 5 Are the salaries being paid to the people at the top off the trust to high. For what they actually do. 6 How high are their expense accounts. 7 Are they putting in 35-40 hours every week. 8 Who are you and what is your background in raising money. At the end off the day the trust should be run as a successful business. Is it. are the boaters getting value for their pound?

Mr Vernon Whitehair  | 12.08PM, Wednesday 24 April

Hi Vernon,
I have been 'challenged' by the Canals and Rivers Trust for a university project. We have been asked to come up with an innovative way of raising more funds, in order to maintain and improve the nations canals.
In response to your questions, I am unsure how and where the money is distributed. Though I am interested that you have such a distrust in the current system.
I assume you are a boater yourself?
And you possibly volunteer for the Trust?
What would you like to see improved?

adam grout  | 3.05PM, Thursday 25 April

Hi Adam First i would like to state. I do not and have absolutely no reason to distrust the system as you put it! But in saying that i would be naive in giving my trust easily especially after the revelations over the past few years of corruption, greed or both in the highest of places. Then i look at the salaries the directors of the C&RT are receiving and then add on bouses etc, etc. I have to say in my view they are way over the top, it is a charity you know. They are earning more than the Prime Minister and for what!

Mr Vernon Whitehair  | 9.37AM, Monday 29 April

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