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Rickmansworth branch

can anyone tell me whether the Rickmansworth Branch is still navigable? Does one need to make any special arrangements to use it?

Asked by: Bob Dewey  | 6.37pm, Thursday 25 April

WW says:

I presume that you mean the connection of the River Chess at Batchworth.
This is the second lock at an angle beside the canal lock. The short branch leads into a former loading basin which is now used mostly for residential moorings. It is private water and is navigable with permission, there is also a lift bridge which needs special arrangement to raise.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.34AM, Friday 26 April

Readers say:

thabnk you for that Rupert.
How would we obtain permission to navigate that stretch?

Bob Dewey  | 3.18PM, Wednesday 1 May

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