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wide boat

what waterway can I go on with a 10ft wide boat

Asked by: Rob Sweeney  | 10.47pm, Friday 24 May

WW says:

Effectively, if you avoid the midland narrow canal system (Trent and Mersey, Oxford, Shropshire Union [part], Staffs and Worcs and Birmingham, etc.), you will be able to cruise most canals PROVIDED that the air draft (and cabin profile) of your boat is within the confines of that waterway. For more detail, the [in theory] definitive list is held with CRT

Mark Langley  | 1.14PM, Wednesday 29 May

Also, for more information, look at our widebeam guide, available as a free download from this site : http://www.waterwaysworld.com/downloads/widebeam_guide.pdf

Mark Langley  | 3.56PM, Wednesday 5 June

Readers say:

Their are 3 sites i have used. Canal & River Trust. Inland Waterway size restrictions in English units or George's canal boating in the u.k. They give length, beam, draft and air draft.

Mr Vernon Whitehair  | 9.17AM, Tuesday 28 May

Dear Vermon thank you I will follow your advice best regards Rob

Rob Sweeney  | 3.53PM, Tuesday 28 May

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