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boat security 2

How serious a problem is boat theft and break ins. Is their any data on this subject. Was the boat stolen a few months ago from a amarina found ?

Asked by: Mr Vernon Whitehair  | 3.22pm, Wednesday 26 June

WW says:

Data is hard to find nationally, as boat crime is usually recorded by individual police force.
However, boats are alas often both quite easy to break in and have some high-value items aboard.
Making life difficult for a thief to gain entry to a boat is more important than an alarm system. The more remote a boat is moored, the more important security is. Steel doors and hatches, decently strong locks, secured engine room, diesel filler cap locks, possibly mooring chains (with padlocks) can all help. Unfortunately, many boats fail badly on general security and can even be targetted when in marinas.
"Smart Water" technology can be used to mark valuable items (batteries, engines, inverters, chargers, solar panels, etc) which can make them far less attractive to thieves, as well as much easier to recover.

Mark Langley  | 9.18AM, Thursday 27 June

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