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Easylass Windlass

Can you put me in touch with the manufacturer/supplier of this geared ratcheted windlass or similar product.
Many thanks

Asked by: Stephen Ware  | 5.01pm, Tuesday 9 July

WW says:

There have been several windlasses with ratchet action or variable leverage in the past and some may be out of production now.
One I am fairly certain is still being made is the Lockmaster windlass made by Melville Errington who can be contacted on 01962 733766 or information@lockmasterwindlass.com
I think that the windlass that actually bears the name Easylass was made by Dax Copeland. Demand was small and he stopped making them for a while, and then started again when a few more orders came in. I don't know if he is in a Stop or Go phase at present but you could enquire on dax@aetuk.com. This is an old address so may not be current but it is all I have.
The following answers were supplied to a similar question in 2010 so the information and prices may be out of date but, for what it is worth, here it is -
"You can obtain more leverage by using an extending windlass like the
one made and sold by George Pope. This has an adjustable arm so that
you can use it as a normal windlass for most locks but, when some
stiffer gear is encountered, you simply withdraw the spring-loaded
peg, extend the arm and release the peg into a hole to lock the handle
in its new place. This extends the arm to fifteen inches which should
be enough to move even the most un-cooperative gear. The windlasses
cost £36.00 plus £6.50 postage. (brendapope@btconnect.com 01328
More recently, a less complicated type of ratchet windlass has been
produced by Alexander Thorneycroft. This resembles a lever from a
socket spanner set with a handle at one end and a custom made socket
that fits over the paddle spindle at the other. It works by allowing
you to use only the part of the full revolution that you find
comfortable without having to bend or stretch too much. It is only
suitable for tapered spindles. The windlass costs £39 plus £6 postage
and can be ordered on 01295 660 208 alex.aston@tiscali.co.uk."
Hope this helps.

Graham Booth  | 6.02PM, Wednesday 10 July

Readers say:

Hi Stephen
I am working towards getting a new and improved Easylass geared windlass in production. There is no other on the market. It will make difficult to wind locks easier! The process has taken some time as it has been redesigned and it is lighter weight than the original. We are now testing it and if all goes well we will be in production soon. If you and any others interested in the Easylass want to go on our order list please contact me on 01473 828283 or email me on jayne@foxfarm.co.uk with best wishes Jayne

jayne tann  | 4.43PM, Wednesday 31 July

Hi, I declare an interest here as I introduce new to the Ratchet Windlass market - the "GO Windlass". It is avalable at www.gowindlass.co.uk
The GOWindlass is light in weight at less than 1KG, it is designed to be your carry with you windlass for use all of the time not just some of the time.
The GOWindlass is unique in that it combines a ratchet to allow pump action on difficult locks and a fixed socket on the same shaft to provide safe and controlled lowering of the paddles.
Using the GOWindlass means you benefit at each lock you wind because when raising a lock paddle, every lock paddle can be wound whilst standing upright due to the ratchet and pump action.
With the GOWindlass you avoid the strain of winding whilst bending down at every lock gate.
The GO Windlass is rugged enough to handle tough lock paddles,
Kind Regards Peter

Peter Cartwright  | 9.17PM, Thursday 22 February

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