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Can I change from 12V to 6V batteries

I need to buy some new batteries and have seen some 6V giving 230AH as opposed to a 12V only giving 115AH. Is it possible to change from 12V to 6V?

Asked by: Peter  | 9.28am, Friday 12 July

WW says:

You can join two 6V batteries together to give a 12V battery.
Make one connection between the positive terminal on one battery and the negative on on other. The two batteries now linked can be considered one single12V battery. The remaining unconnected terminals (positive on one battery, the negative on the other) can then be linked to alternator cables- or to further pairs of 6V batteries.
Make sure that the connecting cables are at least 25mm2 cross sectional area, multi-strand copper cables, prefereably with soldered and crimped connections to minimise resistance (and hence overheating). Large loads, or big alternators, may require much thicker connecting leads between batteries.
if in doubt, consult a qualified electrician.
Many boats use 6V (or even 2V) batteries, as they can be very reliable as they tend to be more heavy-duty, with thicker plates.

Mark Langley  | 10.35AM, Friday 12 July

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