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Is there and danger of a battery exploding left on solar panal trickle charge for a long time. I have to leave my boat for a long time whats the worst senario.

Asked by: Sheila  | 8.08pm, Tuesday 23 July

WW says:

The answer to the previous question should help you. The current from a solar panel is quite small and the chance of a battery exploding is quite low. If you have a regulator fitted it will control the voltage and also prevent overcharging. If it is is a wet cell battery then ensure the cells are topped up properly. Explosions of batteries usually require high charge over a long time or extremely high currents in a short time (such as a total short circuit)

Mark Langley  | 3.16PM, Wednesday 24 July

The absolute worse scenario is the batteries dry out by electrolyte loss. However This is unlikely unless you have an enormous solar panel array, a poor quality regulator and a small battery bank....

Mark Langley  | 3.18PM, Wednesday 24 July

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