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Narrowboat painting

I'm looking to have our 50 foot cruiser stern narrowboat painted, probably next year. What should I look out for when selecting a company to do the job so as to be as sure as I can be to get a good quality job done?

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | 5.07pm, Thursday 8 August

WW says:

The only real way to get a feel for how good the result from any craftsman, is to look at work previously completed; preferably not immediately but after a little while when any faults will begin to show themselves. Also visit whilst jobs are in progress to see how the work is done. A long waiting list is often a good sign of a quality craftsman.
To get a good job the painting needs to be done under cover, preferably in a dry and often heated paint dock.
You will also need to decide, on the basis of the state of the paintwork, whether the job needs to be a complete 'back to metal' re-paint, or just preparation of the existing surface for new paint.
Good Luck.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.47AM, Friday 9 August

Readers say:

Also ask whether they remove fittings (windows, portholes, vents, fairleads etc) as rust frequently starts under these and they need to be sealed properly after painting underneath. Just having mine painted and they have even removed the studs for the cratch cover - they will replace these with bolts in tapped holes rather than rivets.

Robert Wood  | 7.26PM, Wednesday 19 November

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