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Hiring a canal boat

Please could you give me advice on the issues around hiring out our canal boat. I have read the MCA boat hire code and BSS website and I am well aware that it's not easy, but it is something that I would like to look in to seriously. A key area is clearly insurance. Can anyone let me know companies that provide such insurance?

Asked by: Richard Stimson  | 9.36pm, Tuesday 13 August

WW says:

If the boat was built as a private boat, it might not meet the additional BSS for hire boats such as the minimum height of the weed hatch and sink outlets above the waterline. All the window glass also must be safety glass or have film applied to prevent injury. The gas system should be checked annually and given a "landlords certificate".
Insurance is not difficult as there are several companies that insure commercial craft, and if you tell them your requirements a policy can usually tailored to your needs.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.37AM, Wednesday 14 August

I am sure you realise, but you will need the approval of CRT to run as a hire boat- it is worth discussing this with your local office before proceeding, as they may have conditions that you need to meet that require further work before you can hire your craft. Be aware that many private mooring agreement have specific clauses which prevent you from hiring out your own craft.

Mark Langley  | 10.49AM, Wednesday 14 August

Readers say:

An easier option might be to approach an existing hire company to 'sponsor' the boat in their fleet. Alternatively, if you wish to retain more control, some fleets will offer a 'turnround' arrangement and charge you a set fee for preparing the boat for each hire, and offer a breakdown service, but you still handle marketing and bookings, and run the boat in your colours.

Cliff Eden  | 11.58AM, Wednesday 14 August

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