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kitchen appliances for canal boat

I bought a 59ft canal boat so what kind o microwave and fridge freezer do I buy as I bought a microwave fro boat but would not work

Asked by: janet alderson  | 2.27pm, Monday 19 August

WW says:

I assume you are running the microwave through an inverter and not from mains power. If so, it could be that you have the wrong type of inverter or one that is too small - or both.
Microwaves with digital controls need a sine wave inverter to run them. If your inverter is a quasi sine wave type (these are cheaper and will work most things except those with sophisticated modern controls) It will only run a microwave with manual controls. These usually have a dial that you turn rather than buttons that you press.
Also, a microwave with a typical 800watt power rating will need an inverter of about twice that to run it comfortably, so around 1,600 to 1,800 watts. Even then, you may find that the microwave does not cook at full power so you might need to set it for a longer time than you would at home.
You can run a domestic fridge/freezer through an inverter but it will need to be quite a powerful one as fridges draw a large current at start-up. It is possible to buy 12-volt fridges and fridge/freezers and these work directly from the battery without an inverter. They generally use less power from the batteries than a domestic model and an inverter so you won't need to charge the batteries so often. The downsides are that they need hefty cables if the galley is some way from the batteries, and they are considerably more expensive than a domestic model.

Graham Booth  | 4.58PM, Monday 19 August

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