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gear box

I recently purchased a Lister HR2 used on a farm i believe its been reconditioned and i want to use it on my boat.Would a Hurth 2.1 gearbox be suitable? my HR2 is 30hp flat out and i've been told the flywheel turns the opposite way to marine HR2s but i havn't checked this yet. Thank you.

Asked by: claire21  | 9.14pm, Tuesday 21 October

WW says:

The gear ratio is dependent on the pitch and diameter of the propeller and the size of the boat.

A ratio of 2:1 is the most usual and I have this on my own 60ft boat fitted with a Lister HW2 with slightly less power than the HR2.

I have a PRM 260 gearbox which is well suited to the power of the engine and can be adjusted to accommodate left or right engine rotation.

For more information, see www.newage-prm.co.uk/prm/prm260.htm

Graham Booth  | 11.42AM, Friday 24 October

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