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my toilet does no flush on the canal boat its a thedford toilet we have cleaned the potty still does not work any sugestions what to do next

Asked by: janet alderson  | 3.06pm, Monday 19 August

WW says:

If it is a cassette toilet, then it will have either an integral tank (with an electric or a manual flush) or be plumbed into the boats water system- then an electric (or manual, on older loos) valve opens to allow flushing water in. The integral tank versions do need to be topped-up, so are not as often used on boats.
All those with electrical valves or pumps have an inbuilt fuse, so it worth checking those- see Thetford.com for the owners manuals, if you have lost yours. It is also worth checking the connections on the supply wires to the toilet- the position they are in allows corrosion deposits to often built up. Take a voltmeter (simple multimeter) or a small bulb across the ends of the wire to check a current is flowing.
Also check that there is a water supply running to the toilet from the boats system- there is (or should be) a non-return valve in the system, to prevent contamination of the domestic water supply; should the bowl fill up,faecal contamination cannot enter the drinking water supply. These valves can fail, and are replaceable items.
Some models have a "full tank" indicator which can stop the flushing action if the sensor is indicating a full tank- this can mean either unblocking the sensor, or replacing (or bypassing) it.
If the Thetford toilet is a Porta Potti portable toilet, then the manual bellow or piston pump can slip- and easily be replaced. The electric models sometimes suffer from corrosion, especially if non-alkaline batteries are used.
Let us know what model and type of toilet it is (eg C200) and we may be able to provide more help- alternatively, contact Thetford directly.

Mark Langley  | 4.38PM, Monday 19 August

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