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Lister engine

Looking at a well kept 1992 46ft boat with Lister lpw3 27bhp has covered 5616hrs. Acceptable??

Asked by: John Bass  | 9.17pm, Wednesday 21 August

WW says:

High engine hours are not a problem if the engine has been well maintained. As the engine is a good size for the boat (not too large) it should have been worked reasonably hard, rather than running just above idle- which isn't always good for long-term reliability.
If the engine starts easily (after, say 10seconds on the heater plugs) and with little smoke once it starts, it is probably good.
Do the usual checks for oil and coolant quality (rusty coolant isn't good, very thick black oil might point to some sludging). The owner being able to point out a service history would be a very good point as well.
Once the engine is up and running, go cruising- and check that the engine temperature gauge (if fitted) goes to around 80C and that the oil pressure is reasonable- below 20PSI is dubious- around 30PSI when hot is a good ballpark.
Check the engine engages gear easily both forward and astern, without any odd clunking noises.
There are lots of other checks you can do, but these are probably best left in the hands of an engineer or surveyor, depending on how confident you are with marine engines.
However, 5616 hours on an engine is not unusual- only 280 hours a year which is not excessive at all!

Mark Langley  | 9.49AM, Thursday 22 August

If it is a little smokey when running, black smoke indicates injector wear and poor spray, whereas blue smoke is oil burning which could be piston ring wear.
As Mark says; if it has been well maintained it should be fine.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.04AM, Thursday 22 August

Readers say:

Many thanks for quick response and will bear in mind comments when viewing. Very helpful

John Bass  | 6.28PM, Thursday 22 August

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