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Spray foam

My boat is 4 years old and has significant staining on the hull side wood, on closer inspection the underside of the bearers has not been spray foamed, are rusty and dripping with condensation. The builders and spray foam company are saying this is due to a water pump leak we had and that it is standard practice not to cover the underneath of the bearers. The floor is fine, I would expect significant water damage to the floor if this was the case. I would just like peoples opinion on this issue. Thanks

Asked by: Nicole  | 2.09pm, Thursday 22 August

WW says:

I have never had a boat that was spray foamed so my experience of this material is limited. However, I did witness an installation several years ago and took some photographs. From these pictures, it appears that the contractor sprayed underneath each of the downward facing angle hull stiffeners before spraying the whole panel beneath. When the job was complete, the only things other than foam that were visible were the faces of the timber battens.
If the undersides of the angles are not insulated, there is a direct cold bridge to the outside which means that they will be much colder than the rest of the hull and condensation will form on them.
It is difficult to comment on your problem without seeing the boat but, assuming that the problem of staining is fairly widespread, it seems unlikely that a leak from a single water pump - which is presumably mounted at floor level - could have caused it.

Graham Booth  | 6.48PM, Friday 23 August

After racking my brain, I am pretty certain that the name of the contractor whose work I photographed was Websters. You might like to look at their website www.webstersinsulation.com which has a page devoted to boat insulation.
If you feel that you have a serious problem, your best bet is to ask a local marine surveyor to have a look at it and advise you.

Graham Booth  | 7.14PM, Friday 23 August

Readers say:

Thanks Graham, I have looked on websters web page, seen the photos and have found their service to be far superior to the service we have. We have had a surveyor look and agrees with us but the builders and spray foam company are adamant it was due to the water pump leak but the floor is bone dry, the side panels sit on top of the floor and they have not been painted nor varnished which I know is not good practice. We had to cut an inspection hole as there was not access to the cabin bilge and the water emptied the water, the bilge is now dry and has been since the water was removed. I am currently getting evidence to try and prove them wrong. I hope this we resolved in a timely fashion but at the moment I cant see that happening.

Nicole  | 9.47AM, Tuesday 27 August

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