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Narrow boat length

What minimum length narrow boat would my partner and I need to tour the waterways system?

Asked by: Terry Quinn  | 3.10pm, Sunday 25 August

WW says:

We started our cruising in a 19ft glass fibre cabin cruiser and had three very enjoyable years in it. It was, however, rather cramped so we swapped it for a 26ft cruiser. Another two boats further on, we now enjoy comfortable cruising in a sixty footer,
Assuming you want a reasonable amount of space for yourselves and the necessities of life, you should really be looking at the maximum length.
The normal answer to this question is 57ft as this will pass through all the canals on the system, without any difficulty. There are boaters who have navigated the northern canals in slightly longer boats but this requires working the locks in a particular way which takes more time and a bit of guile.
If you can confine yourselves to the vast majority of the canals in the midlands and south, you can go right up to the length of the old working boats which was 70ft or thereabouts.
I hope this answers your question.

Graham Booth  | 10.25AM, Monday 26 August

Readers say:

Thanks Graham, that's just what I needed to know!

Terry Quinn  | 11.12AM, Monday 26 August

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