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Sanitation hose odour

We have noticed an increasing plastic type smell next to our holding tank. This is not the same as when pumping out, and seems to be coming from the flexible hoses connecting the loo and the tank. Can anyone suggest a remedy? The boat is just over a 18 months old.

Asked by: John Phillip Lloyd  | 3.33pm, Wednesday 4 September

WW says:

Assuming that the smell was not present when the boat was new, and has gradually developed over time, it is most likely that there is a small leak causing the smell. This might be from the tank, one of the joints, or maybe just condensation dripping onto the pipes. Unfortunately the only way to get to the bottom of problems like this is to investigate thoroughly, looking at everything that might be associated with the problem.
If there is no sign of anything at all amiss, but everything is within a sealed compartment; providing a bit of ventilation might sort out the problem. Cutting some unobtrusive holes at floor level and higher up, to allow air to flow through the space by convection, will prevent the build up of smells.
Good luck, and if you do find the cause of the problem do please let us know.

Rupert Smedley  | 2.36PM, Thursday 5 September

If the hoses are not sanitation grade, it is possible that the smell can pass through them. If this is the case and you can get to the hoses, the solution is to replace them with the proper thing. Lee Sanitation are the experts on this so a quick call to them should give a definitive answer. If I am right, they can also supply the hose you need.

Graham Booth  | 4.31PM, Saturday 7 September

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