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Squeaking inverter

Just bought a narrow boat a few days ago.
On Monday I cruised 2,5 hrs after picking up. On Wednesday I started the engine to charge the batteries then switched on the inverter to charge my phone. After about 20 minutes a terrible noise came from the inverter, so switched it off. Since that time whenever I try to switch it on does the same, so I'm unable to use it.
Any idea what could it be and what shall I do to have 240V?
Thanks a lot for the kind help, I'm really desperate as I moved on her and can't use the sockets :-(

Asked by: Andrea   | 7.05pm, Sunday 8 September

WW says:

Some inverters have a warning buzzer which sounds when the battery voltage is too low for the unit to work properly. It sounds as if this might be the cause.
The batteries and wiring on the boat needs to be in good condition for an inverter to work. Since you had the engine running when using the inverter, the voltage should have been fine, so it would be worth checking the wiring between the inverter and the batteries. If the wiring is in a bad state or the wires are too small, there will be a voltage drop which will stop the inverter working.
In the meantime I would suggest using a vehicle charger for your phone; this will be considerably more efficient than using an inverter to run a mains charger.

Rupert Smedley  | 12.51PM, Monday 9 September

Readers say:

Thanks Rupert.
I know that I should not charge my phone on the boat (or not from 240 V) but at least I discovered that there is a problem. Unfortunately it doesn't a big help as I'm absolutely illiterate of electric issues. I'm sure I'll learn quickly just have to find someone who will hold my hands and explains what is what...
Meanwhile I don't dare to use the boat as don't want to kill the batteries discharging them completely :-(

Andrea   | 1.02PM, Monday 9 September

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