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What colour paints last the longest?

We are about to have our boat stripped and painted so we can change her colours. Which colours tend to look good the longest. Red we understand fades badly, so what do readers think last the longest?

Asked by: Marian Birks  | 9.11pm, Monday 9 September

WW says:

It is always best to use a proper enamel or boat paint, as these paints contain more pigment than the cheaper household varieties, so they will look good for longer. As to colours that last longer, you are right in that red tends to fade, although modern paint is better as the pigments are synthetic. Green always used to be the colour that lasted best, but blue also seems good.
It is also important to look after paintwork; periodic cleaning and polishing will dramatically extend the life of a paint job.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.20AM, Tuesday 10 September

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