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12v Fridge Power Consumption

Replacing Gas Fridge with New 12volt Fridge. Manufacturers info is not very clear re running current consumption and average over 24 hours in normal usage. What is the practical experience using a 12v fridge - can service battery capacity be a problem. My boat only has 2 off 110AH batteries with insufficient room for more.

Many thanks

Asked by: Michael Jefferies  | 2.16pm, Thursday 23 October

WW says:

A modern 12-volt fridge like the Shoreline will use approximately 24 amp/hours in a 24 hour period.

Three 110 amp/hour batteries are normally recommended but you might get away with two, depending on their condition and how good your charging system is. You could also consider boosting them with a solar panel.

Graham Booth  | 11.25AM, Friday 24 October

Readers say:

If you supply me the make and model of your new fridge,i will work out the power consumption for you, is a compressor type unit?, i suspect poss not,if the fridge is the basic type, your battery will go flat very quick, 2 110 amp's are not enough, do you have a starter battery fitted, and what make are the 2 110/s.contact me anytime on sosboatservices.co.uk

Alan Stafford  | 8.09AM, Tuesday 4 November

To Alan Stafford

Thanks for your comment.

Considering Waeco Fridge with Danfoss BD35F Compressor.

2 off Numex 110AH Service Batteries and separate Starter Battery.

Thanks for your help.

Michael Jefferies  | 3.39PM, Sunday 9 November

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