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What prop for HR2

Ref, previous question, we have acquired a PRM gearbox for our HR2, as it runs in either rotation can we get a right or left handed propeller? What size propeller is recomended? Seen a few for sale second-hand which are 20 square or 22x22, are these any use?

Asked by: Casper  | 9.11pm, Wednesday 29 October

WW says:

You really need more specialist advice for this. I suggest you contact Peter Thompson of Marine Engine Services on 01895 236246 or email mareng@btconnect.com. Peter is a Lister distributor and has may years experience of these engines.

To advise on the propeller, he will need to know the length and weight/draught of the boat you intend to buy.

Graham Booth  | 4.13PM, Thursday 30 October

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