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info on making my 25`grp hulled cruiser into a narrow boat

I have a 25` in-board 60hp engined cruiser not sure of make as when I bought it the chap had a bespoke ply and wood housing on top,with low hight bedroom and loo with a step up into the steering part, as I will not be taking it to sea would like to make it more like narrow boat inside with living space any thoughts would be good or design ideas better thanks

Asked by: Rab Mcleash  | 5.36pm, Friday 4 October

Readers say:

I've had similar thoughts myself, along the lines of a 'shed' style top for a small liveaboard. Through to a more aestehetically pleasing ply sided narrowboat clone. straight sides will make for more space and an easier fit-out. I thought of extending the sides and top all the way to the rear with a small (trad style) stern for steering my outboard with a tiller (getting rid of the awful pram hood and wasteful rear deck (on my buckingham 25). Probably not much help to you design wise, but wooden tops are nothing new, I think it would be quite straight forward to make it work, just making it look good might be a bit harder! At least you know you're not the only 'nutter' out there with a similar idea. 60hp seems a bit much though! mine had a 15hp outboard and i swapped it for a 9.9. still more power than I've ever needed, including towing other boats. If you went the outboard route, you may get more space inside. good luck if you go for it!

Plastic Fantastic  | 11.10AM, Wednesday 13 November

Ha ha I know 60hp mad isn't it, takes up so much room, it's big and it's smelly and to be Frank I'm happy enough just using it as a base rather than trips around in it, so think engine out, and a marine ply shed, with front and back door, got a little wood burner, suppose insulation would be good, wonder how much head room without turning turtle? Thinking a nice picture window on the river side, npvc double glassed :) anyone want a 60hp engine?? Regards Rab

Rab Mcleash  | 12.13PM, Wednesday 13 November

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