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Engine oil change

I had a full engine service in May 2013. I have now finished for the year and the boat is in a marina. If I myself using the hand pump supplied with my Vetus M4.17 engine change the engine oil and filter now, do I need to change it again in April next year. The oil will only have sat in the engine sump for 5 months and should not have lost any of its viscosity or has more changes throughout the winter occurred to effect the oil, what would you advise please.

Asked by: David Anderson  | 2.18pm, Monday 21 October

WW says:

If you change the engine oil now and then do not use the engine all winter, the oil will probably be fine in the spring; although, as with any engine, condensation can form internally and build up in the sump; however this is often driven off once the engine is brought up to working temperature under load.
It is certainly better to change the oil in the autumn than to leave it in the engine, and change in the spring. Older engine oil becomes contaminated with organic acids, as well as other detritus, so leaving clean, fresh oil in the engine over winter is a good idea.
If you will not be using the engine over winter, consider giving the engine a good general service, including lubricating everything that needs it- see the Vetus handbook.
If you use the engine during the winter, try and make sure it is run for longer periods of time (couple of hours), preferably under load, to enable the engine (especially the sump) come up to working temperature. This will help remove any traces of condensation from the oil galleries and bulk oil.

Mark Langley  | 2.57PM, Monday 21 October

Vetus state in the manual that the engine oil should be changed annually or after every 100 hours operation; so if the oil is changed now, it will be fine in May next year assuming that the engine has only been run for short periods to drive off condensation.

Rupert Smedley  | 3.05PM, Monday 21 October

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