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Thornycroft RJ2

Hi There,
This is a bit of a long shot as I am aware that there are very few of these engines in The U'ÄčK'Äč.
I recently bought a narrowboat and it has a 1937 Thornycroft Rj2 onboard but we need some new pistons,as ours are damaged, do you have idea where I may get my hands on some?
My number is 078 777 16702.
Would be great if you could help me out.
All the best and looking forward to hearing from you.

Asked by: Shane Dempsey  | 3.11pm, Tuesday 22 October

WW says:

It is often very difficult to find spares for vintage engines as the true unused spares that were kept in stores, have often been discovered and fitted to keep engines running. Sometimes spares do come on the market, but are often the component parts of the bigger multi-cylinder engines that are worth more stripped down. These parts are used and not to the original specification, so fitting them might only make a marginal improvement.
To get a worn old engine back to decent performance good quality replacement parts are needed, and there are companies that specialise in re-manufacturing obsolete parts such as pistons that are no longer available off the shelf. It especially helps if you have an example to copy or a drawing of the part. If the bores are worn and can be machined oversize, this may be an opportunity to get the replacements made to suit.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.35PM, Tuesday 22 October

Readers say:

Hi Rupert,thanks so much for your informative reply to my request. Sadly it looks like we will have to go down the route of machining the piston as the chances of getting a replacement part are slim to nill. Thank you again for your time and wisdom and hope you have a great day. All the best. Shane

Shane Dempsey  | 12.13PM, Wednesday 23 October

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