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Old generator

We have an old generator which can be run off the engine - Ruston Hornsby 2VSH. We have been informed that the previous owners hardly used it and we know that it hasn't been used for the past 4 yrs. My question is what should we do - try to find someone who can service this generator ( if so does anyone know of anyone or boatyard etc)or buy another (ouch!)? We would like to run a washing machine and immersion heater so what's the best way to do this? Perhaps we don't need a generator.Just thought I would add that we are Continuous Cruisers so dont have access to a landline but do have a 2.5 kw inverter which wont run the immersion heater. All answers greatly received!

Asked by: Sharron Watson  | 6.21pm, Sunday 2 November

Readers say:

Have you tried to use the generator yet, if you have what happened?, you should be able to change you 3kw immersion unit with a 1kw item, but you need to check the battery bank, a fully charged bank will give you a tank of hot water, but you will need to then charge the batterys perhaps when you are moving, Have a look at ASAP supplies for the 1kw tank heater. Find out how much power you need for the washing machine, if you need help contact me sosboatservices.co.uk

Alan Stafford  | 7.57AM, Tuesday 4 November

hi Alan - thanks for your reply. We have had someone to look at this generator and - it works !!! Just needs a bit of a tweek on the wiring thats all. We shall see how it goes as we do have to run the engine at quite a high speed to get it to work which is quite noisy. Thanks for your suggestions and offer of help - noted for future reference!! Sharron

Sharron Watson  | 9.40PM, Tuesday 4 November

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