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Narrow Boat Gear Box

I have a 60ft narrow boat with a Vetus
M4.17 engine and a Vetus Technodrive gear box which is very clunky and noisy, I also think that the drive plate is starting to go, as it seems to be making quite a bit of noise.
So I was thinking if I changed the drive plate should I change the gear box as the Technodrive type does not get any praise in forums.
I have read that PRM gear boxes are very good but what size would I need, also are there other types of gear boxes just as good as the PRM type. Your comments would be much appreciated.

Asked by: boatfitout  | 6.04pm, Thursday 14 November

WW says:

PRM oil operated (hydraulic) gearboxes do have a good reputation for reliability. The PRM150 'box is an option-fit to the M4.17 (the smaller 120 gearbox is a mechanically-operated unit). However you will need to fit an oil cooler in the return pipe from the keel skin tanks before it re-enters as the gearbox will cool.
Vetus UK will be able to provide assistance, or one of the local Vetus dealers will give you more specific help.

Mark Langley  | 10.08PM, Thursday 14 November

A noisy gearbox can be caused by misalignment of the engine with the prop shaft, caused either by a poor original installation or by worn flexible engine mounts. This will not apply if you have a thrust block with a CV joint. A worn drive plate can certainly give clunks and drive-train noise, and you may find that upon closer examination it may not be the gearbox that is at fault.

Rupert Smedley  | 12.42PM, Friday 15 November

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