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Thank you Mark for you reply, I think I should have been a bit more detailed, it already has comfort gas heating with. 1 rad in galley area, 1 in bathroom, none in bedroom, log burner in lounge, I was thinking more for an upgrade and what would be cost effective over a long term use, thanks David

Asked by: David Siverns  | 9.48am, Friday 15 November

WW says:

If you fit a conventional diesel heating system, such as an Eberspacher, Webasto or Mikuni forced-combustion diesel heater, you would need to up the number of radiators you have- to give a minimum heat 7500 BTU) otherwise the heater would cycle on-and-off.
If the boat is for residential use, then I would seriously consider a gas upgrade to the Alde Compact boiler or, for a diesel option to a pressure jet boiler, such as the Kabola range (the HRE series start at 10kW, which is far more than the 3.5 to 4kW needed for a narrowboat- but they are controllable). The Hurricane diesel boiler is also exceptionally reliable (marketed in the UK by Calcutt Boats) and has proved itself highly controllable, and includes a self-diagnostic system.
If the boat is not residential, and you are not looking to heat water in the summer via a calorifier (but use the engine when cruising) then a forced-combustion diesel heater is a good compromise; however it must be installed well to avoid short-cycling and the issues that can befall them (such as old, dirty fuel, poor water circulation and, crucially, not enough convector space to allow full heat distribution when they drop to their lowest heat settings).
If I can be of any more help, please drop me an email at mark.langley@waterwaysworld.com

Mark Langley  | 11.09AM, Friday 15 November

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