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Gas fridge re-ignition?

I recently ran out of gas and since changing the canister, my fridge is not working. I guess I need to re-ignite the gas flame but cant figure out how to do it..

Asked by: Nell Holmgren  | 2.52pm, Sunday 17 November

WW says:

If its an Electrolux fridge, then generally holding down the gas control button (which is the one with the flame button) then clicking the igniter button repeatedly until either a flame is seen in the view port, or, if a gauge is fitted, then the red needle moves into the green sector. Once either of these happens, keep the gas button depressed for 30seconds to one minute to allow the flame sensor to be overridden.
If in doubt, download a suitable instruction manual from Dometic- the company that was formally Electrolux. Otherwise, if it still fails to light, consult a marine has engineer. Gas fridges can pose a hazard (mainly CO poisoning) if thu are faulty. They should be inspected annually as part of a general gas safety inspection- much as you would have for house-based has systems.

Mark Langley  | 11.22PM, Sunday 17 November

Marine gas engineer even. Excuse the poor autocorrect!

Mark Langley  | 11.23PM, Sunday 17 November

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