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Coates & Hubble

Do you have any information on Coates or Coates & Hubble Boat Builders - I am in the process of buying a 2007 Coates & Hubble boat on a Jonathon Wilson shell.

Asked by: Alan Wildman  | 8.25am, Thursday 5 December

WW says:

Coates & Hubble was a short-lived boatbuilder, I believe only building 2-4 boats, around about 2007-8, near Kimbolton in Cambridgeshire.
At least one company information database suggests it was run by Brendan Coates and Andrew Hubble, and that the company was dissolved in 2009.
We have no more information on it.
Established boatbuilder Russ Hubble, at Debdale Wharf Marina, says the company was not related to his business.

Andrew Denny  | 5.05PM, Friday 20 December

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