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Water leak from Alde boiler

A small puddle of water forms occasionally under the boiler on our boat. There's what looks like a drain hose (clear plastic tube, about a quarter inch diameter) at the foot of the boiler: the hose does not drain into anything - it rests on the floor -and seems to have water droplets in it sometimes. Could this be the cause? There don't appear to be any leaks from the boiler itself.

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | 5.49pm, Wednesday 1 January

WW says:

The hose you mention is probably from the feed and expansion tank at the top of the boiler - assuming it is the tall, slim Comfort model. If the boiler gets particularly hot and the water in the system expands more than normal, the excess water runs down the pipe. This can also happen after you have topped up the tank. The answer is to lead the end of the pipe into a jam jar or old-fashioned milk bottle so that the overflow is contained.

Graham Booth  | 10.33AM, Thursday 2 January

Readers say:

Another possibility to consider. I too had the tall slim Alde boiler, and one day started to notice small puddles of water at the bottom of it. I also thought about water draining down the long overflow pipe from the header tank to the floor, but after investigation it was apparent that we had a perforated water jacket - just a pinprick sized hole that allowed the small puddle to form on the floor beneath the boiler, without a noticeable drop in the header tank level. This was later confirmed by the Alde service agent, who also pointed out that The Alde installation instructions included information that the company used aluminium in the boiler construction, and, due to the possibility of electrolytic corrosion, copper should not be used in the plumbing system around the boiler. My own had been installed with a copper calorifier, and copper piping in the immediate vicinity behind the boiler. The service agent suggested that this could be the reason for the early failure of components within the boiler causing the water leak.

Peter Berry  | 9.23AM, Wednesday 19 March

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