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Where to put a cooker on our narrowboat

We're redesigning our kitchen and intended having an 'L' shape with the cooker to the side. I noticed in your January issue when you're reviewing the narrowboat you say 'they sensibly put the cooker down the centre line'. Could you let me know why it's better to do this? Many thanks, Pat

Asked by: Pat Snarey  | 4.00pm, Sunday 5 January

WW says:

Placing the cooker against the side of the boat can sometimes give restricted space above it from the tumblehome of the cabin. Having a hob close to a window can present a fire risk from the curtain or blind. A central position also gives much improved airflow and it is easy to position a mushroom vent above the cooker (with or without a fan) for good ventilation. It is always important to remember that gas hobs and cookers need air to burn the gas, and plenty of ventilation to disperse the products of combustion.
When redesigning a kitchen and moving appliances, do ensure that gas pipe joints and isolation valves are positioned accessibly. Sometimes the incorporation of a little removable panel can help get to otherwise inaccessible gas joints such as the final connection onto a hob or oven.

Rupert Smedley  | 4.50PM, Sunday 5 January

My comments regarding the centre line in the review is the current issue are due to the comments that Rupert made above... Principally, the danger from igniting curtains (you would be surprised how many people fit cookers under windows, with curtains or blinds above which are quite stupid... And possibly against the BSS and RCD)
Another point, though less likely on a wide beam craft, is that any lateral motion is less noticeable on the centreline, which makes pans being thrown off from passing boats, or wash underway, is far less likely than cookers mounted on the side.
Also, there is usually more space around the cooker on the centreline mounting, which is useful for the cook!

Mark Langley  | 7.02PM, Sunday 5 January

Not are due to Rupert, but meant to say exactly as Rupert commented! Damn iPads!

Mark Langley  | 11.04PM, Sunday 5 January

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