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electric shower

how easy is it to put an electric shower on your narrow boat? any handy tips?

Asked by: maggi huckfield  | 8.53pm, Monday 20 January

WW says:

There are two types of electric showers... A power shower (which uses pumps to increase the pressure of the hot and cold water) and electric showers which heat the water.
Power showers have been installed on boats, but, given the limited supply of water (they can only be used with a calorifier rather than an instantaneous water heater) and requiring 230V power, they are not that popular. Also, the boost pumps may require additional 12V supply pumps and larger pressure accumulators. You can get a decent "power shower" effect with normal water pumps... And you can have one for cold and a booster for hot water.
Electric showers that heat the water are not generally practical for Narrowboats, as they require a minimum 7kW supply of power. A 16amp shore supply will only supply over 3kW of power and running one from an inverter would be highly impractical. The only possible option would be to use a generator to provide it and this would be highly energy inefficient... And not good for neighbours if you want an early or late shower! High power appliances like this would need professional marine electricians to install if you wanted to go down this route but you would be strongly advised not to!
If you need any further advice please let us know.

Mark Langley  | 9.26PM, Monday 20 January

Readers say:

try screwfix we use a thermostatic controlled mixer shower run from a 12 gallon calorifier and just a normal waterpump for pressure never had any problems may need to keep the emgine on for hot water if there is many people to shower

mick turner  | 10.54AM, Tuesday 21 January

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