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Where can USB Charging Ports be Obtained?

Interesting idea in the March 2014 issue but google searches have found nothing that looks suitable. Where can these USB ports be obtained?

Asked by: Clive Dutson  | 5.49pm, Sunday 16 February

WW says:

A quick search on Amazon.co.uk or Ebay will yield what you need; some (more expensive) "marine" versions are produced by Blue Sea Systems, while other versions are cheaper.
For instance, a Blue Sea one may be around £27, while on Ebay there are ones available for £8 to £20
Search for "12V USB Flush mount" and you should find the items you want
Some people have also fitted these to blank brass, chrome or stainless steel faceplates, so they match with other 12 and 230V fitting aboard. By drilling the faceplate, it can easily accommodate the USB charger, much like a cigarette-style plug socket.
Hope that helps!

Mark Langley  | 10.24AM, Monday 17 February

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