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Plating cost.

I was thinking off buying a narrowboat. The surveyor said some plating work needs doing to the side. How much would the plating work cost and would the inside require ripping out for wielding?

Asked by: owen  | 5.26pm, Friday 21 February

WW says:

The cost of any major hull work depends on many things; the amount of steel required and difficulty of the work, the cost of dry docking or craning the boat out of the water, and where in the country the work is being done.
Welding generates a lot of heat, but if a small patch needs welding on to protect a part of the hull, especially if down by the chine, it will sometimes be able to be done without disturbing the lining. If the quantity of welding is considerable, it is necessary to remove any combustible material from the inside of the hull being welded; otherwise the fire risk is considerable.
If the bottom is to be worked on, much of the floor will need to be lifted, but the sides can be left in situ if possible. Much depends on how the boat was fitted out.
The cost can usually be reduced if the stripping out work is done before the boat arrives to have the work done, and then you will have an idea of how to put it all back together again!

Rupert Smedley  | 3.20PM, Sunday 23 February

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