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Fitting an Inverter.

WW., Sir, thank you for your prev. answer. Yes I do intend to conn. the inverter straight to the batt. poles. I have fitted a fuse and run the output into the galley to twin outlet sockets. I have no power from this. The inverter is new, the batts. are charged and it does not matter whether the eng. is running or not neither does the solar help. My query is why?

Asked by: John Dymond  | 1.13pm, Sunday 9 March

WW says:

Here you checked for power at the inverter (rather than just at the galley output?). If there is output, then it suggests that there is an issue with the consumer unit or wiring between the inverter and the galley sockets.
If there is no 230V power at the inverter, then check (using a multimeter, preferably) that you have 12V DC available at the inlet terminals to the inverter. If there is 12 V, then you should have some signal lights showing on the inverter. If not, then it may be that the inverter internal fuse or trip circuit may have actuated, or that the inverter is faulty.

Mark Langley  | 2.55PM, Sunday 9 March

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