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velvet drive gearbox oil cooler

Im looking for a borg warner velvetdrive series 500 gearbox oil cooler,
Part no 2301 655 001 .
Does anyone know where I can get one please New or second hand

Asked by: peter orme  | 10.53am, Sunday 30 March

WW says:

You may be able to mount a separate new oil cooler to the gearbox, rather than trying to source a direct replacement. You should be able to get advice from most large chandlers or engine marinisers. You should be able to connect the oil cooler with high pressure hydraulic hoses- you will just need to take into account the extra volume of oil.

Mark Langley  | 7.58PM, Sunday 30 March

Readers say:

Thanks for that Mark .The cooler in question is just a water cooled heat sink that bolts to the gearbox.

peter orme  | 5.49PM, Monday 31 March

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