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Maximum Headroom

To navigate under a bridge on the leeds Liverpool canal it states max headroom is 8 feet. Does this apply from the waterline to the highest point on the boat?

Asked by: Andrew Shuttleworth  | 12.39pm, Wednesday 2 April

WW says:

That maximum headroom is, in theory, from waterline to the highest point on the boat- however, I would severely doubt that this is the available headroom across the whole navigable width of the waterway (i.e. the 14ft6" beam) as some bridges have arches that can be sharp; however it does have greater headroom than most broad canals- plus the large number of swingbridges helps. If you are approaching the maximum headroom, then you may need to take extra care on some sections.

Mark Langley  | 2.56PM, Wednesday 2 April

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