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Getting and fitting a pumpout

I currently have a sea toilet on my 40ft narrowboat which we are moving down onto the Grand Union. I want to replace this with a pumpout - can anyone let me know where I can find a good priced toilet and tank? Thanks in advance for any help

Asked by: Hilda  | 11.06am, Sunday 13 April

WW says:

All the major chandlers like Midland Chandlers have a good range of pump out toilets and tanks and can advise you. You might also try Lee Sanitation which specialises in marine toilets - http://www.leesan.com/.
Pump out toilets are the nearest you can get to the same sort of convenience (no pun intended) as a domestic toilet but they are not without their drawbacks. The obvious one is the need to have it emptied every two weeks or so of continuous use. This is done at a boatyard or CRT sanitary station and costs around £15.00. If you are cruising the system, you shouldn't have too much problem finding a pump out point when you need it but, if you are iced in in the winter time and a long way from one, you could have a problem.
I fitted a pump out to my own boat because the alternatives at the time - a 'bucket and chuck it' or a porta-potti - were fairly primitive. Nowadays, there are many cassette toilets that are hard to tell from pump out toilets. The toilet empties into a cassette which is mounted under the pan and is pulled out when full and replaced with another one. You can buy extra cassettes to increase your range and, when you do come to empty them, it is free! Cassette toilets are also easier - and therefore cheaper - to fit into an existing boat as you are planning to do.
Many owners of residential boats use cassette toilets for the reasons mentioned above and I would have thought that they are definitely worth investigating for someone in your situation.

Graham Booth  | 2.33PM, Sunday 13 April

You could also convert your sea toilet to discharge into a holding tank for pumpout (which many cruisers and yachts at sea do). However, most sea toilets are quite profligate in their use of flushing water, so can fill the holding tank quicker than, say, a dump through toilet. However, it would save you having to buy a new toilet.

Mark Langley  | 5.26PM, Sunday 13 April

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