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How can i trace my boat name

My boat is currently out of the water and while its out I want to change my boats name. I would like to know what my boat was originally called however I have asked the canal and river trust, canalplan and other waterways agencies to get told that information is personal. What do I do now?

Asked by: Ben rhodes  | 5.43pm, Tuesday 15 April

WW says:

Alas, it can be very difficult to trace the information: possibly old service documents, bills of sale, etc. may have the information you require- local boatyards might have ideas of the previous name- sometimes old names are revealed when the boat is repainted, and old lettering is revealed!
The only real option is to contact to the previous owner, and ask them- they may have details of the previous owner, who you might then contact, and begin a chain of working out the previous owners. If the boat has ever been a hire boat, then it might be easier.
Sorry that I can't be any more use! Feel free to send a picture to mark.langley@waterwaysworld.com if that might be helpful=- you never know, it might be a boat we have come across before!

Mark Langley  | 9.49AM, Wednesday 16 April

Readers say:

If your boat is or has been registered then entering the index number (if you know it) in the boat listing site on CanalPlan
will provide its current name and any former names.

John Kelly  | 12.16PM, Friday 25 April

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